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How we address Pseudoscience

The nature of the internet is organic and distributed, this makes it difficult but not impossible to reduce the spread of pseudoscience, misinformation, and other medical claims from healthcare practitioners of dubious nature.
The Charlatans Foundation objective is to minimize the harms caused by those who make such claims on the internet by disrupting and devaluing their message with the same tools they use to spread it.  We call this
"Linktavism; The practice of using vigorous cybercampaign through typo-squatted hyperlinks to bring about social or political change."
We perform this via the purchase of 'sound-alike and similarly spelled' top-level domain names related to identified and known quackery.  Those domains are in turn populated with educational materials designed to organically educate those who may come across the content.  Then the sound alike domains are posted about the internet with the intent to climb Google and other Search Engines ranking for the pseudoscientific term and practice.
The Charlatans Foundation never takes public credit for our work as it is performed as a public service.
The Charlatans Foundation never solicits donations but does accept them from vetted contributors and philanthropists.